You can regain and maintain control of your business by letting Shelagh Whiteman show you how to:
  Use customised reports to give you answers you can use in your business
  Spend time with your results not the calculations
  Understand and implement your own timesaving methods
  Automate many of your financial and routine tasks
  Choose the format of your financial management information
You will learn and understand:
  To know at what point your business starts to make money
  About cash flow and how it works
  How to read a Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  How to know your debtors from your creditors
  All the finance reports you receive
  How to automate your financial reports
  How to use ratios
  How to create meaningful reports from a set of accounts
  Which part of your business gives the best return
  If your prices are correct
  Where your business will be in 12 months
Management Case Studies
Here are some example case studies for you to browse through, illustrating the range of Financial Management experience available from Shelagh Whiteman:
Case Study 1 An income report for an IFA of from 200 to over 600 items being analysed over 12 people.
Results reduced the time taken from up to 2 days to less than 2 hours.

Click Here to download Case Study 1 in PDF Format

Case Study 2 A UK payroll needing complicated analysis for an overseas HQ that most computer payrolls could not analyse within their systems. HQ also often changed the analysis requirements.
Results reduced the data input to each individual entered once and a simple wages journal at the end to put into the accounts.
Click Here to download Case Study 2 in PDF Format
Case Study 3 A German HQ required their format of accounts by 2nd of the month.
Whole process automated from trial balance of Sage Line 50 accounts exported into spreadsheet to produce the German accounts.
Click Here to download Case Study 3 in PDF Format

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